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Trimming your hedges and trees is a lot of work. By trying to get it completed with shears, you’ll end up spending a significant amount of time and wearing yourself out needlessly. One particular purchase can produce a big difference in the length of time as well as the work takes, and the majority of individuals who have the investment are glad they did.

Beet root soup Borscht with breadHedge trimmers permit you to obtain your hedges and shrubs looking perfect without it taking up a long time or energy. The correct hedge trimmer helps make the work efficient, safe, and fast. If you’ve realized it’s time to buy a hedge trimmer, or you’re prepared to replace one that’s getting old, allow me to share a few things you have to know to obtain the right one for you.

Gas or electric?

Gas hedge trimmers are already the gold standard for professional landscapers for many years, but top-rated cordless designs include closed the space and in many cases surpassed them. Skip models powered by older NiCd technology and go suitable for cordless models which use Li-ion batteries. These are lighter in weight and give consistent power output right up until the battery peters out.

Corded electric models are terrific for lightweight trimming tasks on smaller suburban properties, and are one of the least expensive type of hedge trimmer you can get, nevertheless they don't hold the cutting ability of gas models or maybe the more powerful cordless ones. In case you are considering a gas model, bear in mind any additional maintenance they need, and don't ignore the maker's fuel recommendations; not following those for the letter can lead to a costly repair that won't be covered under warranty.

Gas Hedge Trimmer Reviews


Selecting the best blade size will help ensure quality cuts as well as proper balance. Trimmer blades are flat metal plates with teeth lining the edges. Their sizes can vary greatly, with the range generally running from around 13 to 40 inches.

The space in between the blade teeth, referred to as the blade gap, determines how big branch the tool are prepared for. Professional- or commercial-grade trimmers could have a blade gap of 1 inch or higher, but trimmers created for residential use works fine with a gap between 3/8 to ¾ inches.

Blades might be single- or double-sided. Single-sided blades are somewhat safer, as possible always be certain the teeth are cutting from your body. Double-sided blades tend to be more common and cut both in directions, letting you work better.

16-inch or smaller blades are perfect for small- and average-sized hedges.

18-inch blades are fantastic for average- and larger-sized hedges.

Beet root soup Borscht with bread20-inch and larger blades are ideal for large, established hedges.

Left-handed users could find it simpler to operate double-sided blades.

Longer blades make it easier to trim hedges evenly, but might have trouble with small precision tasks.

Precisely what the best hedge trimmer has:

Plenty of power. In case you have older hedges with thick branches, you are going to require a comparatively powerful machine to trim them.

A rotating blade. If you want to trim between hedges and walls, fences or some other plants, it's good to possess a rotating blade that allows you to retain the unit comfortably and safely while cutting at different angles.

Locking on/off switch. If you want to trim your hedges in a single work session, a lock-on switch will reduce fatigue when you trim. Conversely, if you will end up working near children, dogs or another distractions, a switch that needs continuous pressure to work is actually a safer option.

Light-weight. Whatever you consider to become lightweight is subjective, however the lighter a trimmer is, the longer you'll have the ability to make use of it before fatigue sets in. If you're uncertain what you can handle, try the trimmer in a store (glance at the motions without actually powering it) or rent one you're considering to ensure it's good for you.

Tolerable noise levels. All power tools, hedge trimmers included, can be extremely loud. However, some electric and cordless models are extremely quiet, they probably won't bother the neighbors a lot of.

A great warranty. Users report occasional durability issues with even the best hedge trimmers, sometimes right from the box. Search for a model which has a minimum of a two-year warranty. Models rated for commercial use may carry warranties so long as 5 years for homeowners.
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