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html downloader"Your site must be mobile-savvy and load fast" - hasn't this been the consistent suggestion of every web development company Singapore you have interacted with for having own brand's site developed?

Does your mind conclude that they say so only for claiming a heightened serviceability fee from you? And, that these two features dwell as 'options' without which your site can prevail?

Well, pay attention to some facts in here that showcase why these two traits are indispensable for not only the success but for the very sustenance of your portal:

Of the total quotient of Google searches, around 97% happens from mobile-class devices

70% of the most potential consumers, i.e. the age group of 18 - 39, avail their smartphones or tabs only for conducting product research prior to buying

For around 50% of the overall global consumer society, mobiles are the prime mediums to begin and end own purchase journey with perfection

More than 80% of mobile-based searches lead to a purchase - a proportion surpassing the benchmark of PCs

At a brick-and-mortar shop too, 92% of customers resort to their Android or iOs gadgets for completing the shopping

As a state, the pro developers of Vision Web Creations, the best web development company in Singapore, over 80% of 'netizens' opt for their mobiles for learning about local stores and available services and exhibit the most positive ratio of taking an action

In the American market, 96% of clicks over the paid ads at the search engine generated from devices other than PCs

Even when offline, purchasing behavior of about $1 trillion is motivated by mobile-based search and researches

The net worth of the mobile search market stands at $25.11 billion in 2018 and is depicted to scale up to $28.25 billion in the upcoming year
And, As a Basic Website Feature, All These Mobile-Dependent Customers Expect That

Your domain will load within 3 seconds

Pages with most significant content should become visible and clearer them in not more than 8 seconds

The portal must not 'go slow' or 'crash' during a maximum of traffic pressure

Each sort of video and podcast must load instantly and can be experienced without any kind interruption
Because if not

About 40% of file downloader online shoppers will reject your domain in the first instance

76% of the likely-to-buy customers bounce back (by experiencing slowness while taking actions)

Portal's conversion quotient steadily drops down by a 7% pace (for even a 1-second delay)

Business experiences a loss of around $ 3 billion (as an effect of slow loading site)
So is now the significance crystal-clear to you? Then endeavor to communicate with one distinctive web development company Singapore and have own site structured inclusive of the functionality served by AMP.

Now is this one 'foreign' notion to you? Well, pull up all your attention and learn about the tool that appears as a 'must' for your portal to prevail and progress in the present and upcoming mobile-dependent times.

What Defines the AMP Worthiness?
To facilitate the mobile-first consumer society with an optimum virtual experience irrespective of any obstacles, Google united hands with Twitter and developed an open source project of name Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP.

Essentially a plug-in in nature, AMP enriches the loading speed and readable quotient of your content pages at users' mobiles and consequently lets you serve them with an enhanced benchmark of User Experience or UX.

In accordance with the experts of a best web development company in Singapore, the tool appears to be the perfect accomplice of your site's successful mobile web journey since it-

Sheds 'off' all the unnecessary HTML code tags and incorporates only those competent to offer flawless UX to mobile customers; compared to conventional mobile pages it is a 6X featherweight in code

Utilizes a much sleek version of CSS, thus doubling up the 'state-of-art' quality of your portal

Permits uploading of custom-made fonts for multiplying netizens' browse-time convenience and pleasure

Offers defined dimensions for image publishing thus preventing the dilemma of queer-to-look-at graphics

Retains multiple accredited extensions for you to include videos and podcasts into relevant pages save from malfunctioning
Within two years of its launch (February 2016), the tool has catered its user brands with perks such as -

12% real-time 'hike' over traffic experienced by their portals

2X proportion more of User Engagement

20% more of lead (most probable customers) generation, leading to actual sales, throughout the year, when compared against the non-AMP sites

86% increase in clicks over their paid ads when those drive customers to AMP pages

Heightened ROI by a pace of 63% over the total cost 'consumed' by AMP pages' construction
And, In Which Way You Are Benefitted?
As upheld by each luminous website development Singapore house and enthusiastically agreed upon by globally famous web development firms, the distinguished AMP productivity enhances your domain's and, in effect, your business's future through these distinctive aspects -

Heightened Conversion
Be aware that just like a slow loading page reduces the likelihood of conversion generation for your website, infusing optimum quotient of speed into the landing pages strengthens the scope of users 'converting' as your devoted customers by as much as 74%.

And against this spectrum, it becomes highly beneficial for you to bank upon the AMP structure, since pages 'championed' by it absorb less than one second to load.

This facilitates users to satisfy own 'right now' requisite from your domain and increases their 'interest' to engage with you and make productive interactions with you.

Effective Increase in CTR or Click-Through Rate
As reveals an acclaimed website development Singapore establishment, Google has gradually started upon the 'habit' of exhibiting especially 'marked' (with a green logo) AMP-tuned sites as organic results in mobile searches.

Such a practice most spontaneously drives more attention to these links and encourage 'netizens' to take a 'hit' over them - by a comparatively higher pace than would have been with 'non' websites.

And once experiencing the distinctive 'speed', users readily desire to click over only the AMP-tagged sites - thereby contributing in their CTR 'hike'.

More of Revenue and Brand Consciousness from Ads as
AMP's distinctive HTML coding configuration permits your advertisements to 'feature' over every digital platform and get compatible with any browser.

In addition, they are also potent to fine-tune with the non-AMP sites as well.

Thus enhances your scope of getting 'visible' to consumers, irrespective of where they are and therein spreading own message and optimally promoting 'what's on offer.'

As figures claim, AMP ads are potent to generate about 70% of steady revenue for the parent business and 5X quotient of brand awareness within as little as 5 years of their launch.

'Added' User Experience (UX) for Consumers by
permitting them to incorporate your AMP portal like an app into their 'smart' gadget's home screen, without undergoing the obligation of visiting an app store.

Lesser Work and Easy Management of Domain as

The module is completely portable and makes install an effortless and super-fast process

Ready and perfect transformation of the content archive when resorting to Drupal or WordPress

Simple coding process ruling out the need for your tech professionals to gain any special knowledge

No need for attuning the code module for every separate platform
Get fine-tuned with AMP no sooner and speed up your journey towards the finishing line of success.

Jack Bergman is a tech connoisseur, who loves to stay up-to-date over the latest digital innovations and projects dedicated to building a futuristic World Wide Web. He is a sought-after content consultant for more than one distinctive web development company Singapore .
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