Daule, Thursday, January 23, 2020
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The thinning of low-income wallets appears to be the faltering self-employed and temporary jobs.
"The government has been promoting income-led growth for the working class, but it doesn't work well," analyzed Kim Hye-min.
Raising the income gap between classes was a job.
In the bottom 20 percent income bracket, the number of employed dropped just 0.69 on average, 16.8 percent from the third quarter of last year, while that of the top 20 percent increased to more than two.
This has widened the income gap.
This is the same trend as the recent employment situation in which fewer people are employed in temporary and daily jobs, which is more common than stable jobs.
The economic slowdown in self-employed business is even worse.
In the first quarter of this year,
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