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Quests 1 to 4 cover automobile components and systems, rules from the Highway Safety Code, road symptoms and traffic signals, the user profile of a safe, cooperative and accountable driver, the rules of proactive plus courteous driving and information on at-risk behaviours. If you are a Canadian citizen, details of documents needed might be viewed by clicking this hyperlink You will need to fill out a medical set of questions at the SAAQ asking you about your overall health. If you are under 18 years of age you will need the consent of a mother or father or a guardian. If they will not be existing you may download a consent type by clicking here Candidates that are not Canadian citizens must contact 514-954-7771 to make an appointment to open folders with the SAAQ. They will ask a person what your status is and can tell you to bring certain documents. You might ask for your learner's licence soon after having satisfied the requirements of the SAAQ.
As you may recall, getting convicted of driving test saaq under the influence of alcoholic beverages is a criminal offence punishable simply by an automatic one-year driver's licence suspension system and a minimum fine of $1, 000. However , this does not imply that the driver in question will automatically obtain his or her licence back after this time period.
After you have completed Phase 1 and effectively passed the theory exam at our own school, you will be given an attestation to take to the SAAQ to obtain your own learner's permit. Phase 1 contains 5 theory modules (2 hrs each) given by a teacher in our school, the 5th course is the exam. Minimum 4 weeks should have passed between your first start and final class in phase 1 .
Their driving encounter is taken into account. If they have driven for under 24 months, regardless of their age, they are necessary to drive with a probationary licence till they have 24 months experience (section ninety two. 0. 1 of the Highway Safety Code). If you are from outside Canada in addition to settled in Québec, you have a year following your arrival in North america to apply for a licence exchange for the Québec licence, regardless of whether you are required to have a driving test.
When you have had your learner's licence intended for 10 months (or longer) you could then be eligible to take the knowledge examination. You are able to schedule an appointment by calling the local SAAQ office or sign up on the web and book your testing time. You should provide the number of your learner's license when you schedule your appointment. This particular number is going to be listed on the front of the licence.
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